About my-udid

Get a UDID of any iOS device without iTunes or other 3rd party apps.

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When prompted please install the profile.

Install device profile
If you have set a device password you will need to enter it to install the profile.

Enter passcode if set
The message may state that it will alter settings on your device. This is a false positive it will not change anything. Or it may tell you the profile is not signed. This is fine please touch install.

Enter passcode if set
Please confirm the installation.

Enter passcode if set
Once complete it will display your unique device identifier (UDID) and other associated device information such as your device model, serial and IMEI number.

Your iOS device info
For your piece of mind we do not store or reuse any of your device information for marketing or anything else. We have provided this tool as Apple recently stopped UDID apps from displaying device information which is ironic as this information is needed for development purposes*

Once complete you can either email my-mo your UDID if you are one of our clients or you can copy and paste your UDID to send to a 3rd party company of your choice.

About UDIDs

Every iOS device has a Unique Device Identifier also know for short as UDID, which is a sequence of 40 characters that is specific to your device.

It will look something like this: 2b6f0cc804d137be2e1730235f5064094b8311865

Your iOS device can only install applications that are approved by Apple.

Applications in the App Store have been approved by Apple for general distribution through the App Store, but beta customers (you) get to try the app before it has been released to the App Store.

We register your UDID with Apple so that we can give your device permission to run an application in beta (demo/test environment)

*Your security

Your security is really important to us so please rest assured that we don't do anything with your device information or change anything on your device without your permission.

Your device info is only presented to you and will never be stored for any other purpose.

About my-mo

My-mo is a mobile application development company based in Kent. Our clients include local government, radio and other media.

We pride ourselves on our customer service & our extensive knowledge of iOS, Android and Windows mobile development

Our portfolio of programming skills include C, C++, C#, Objective-C (Apple), Java (Android), PHP & JavaScript

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